Recipes   -   08/11/2018

Adventure energy balls

Hey I’m Tess, Co-Founder of INNATE.

I thought I’d write you a quick blog and share with you an energy ball recipe that I like to take with me on my mountain adventures. They’re super energy sustaining and great to keep you going whether you’re racing or just going for a bit of a weekend adventure. They’re also very easy and speedy to make! All you need is a food processor 🙂
You can adjust the recipe to suit your taste and switch up the flavours as you please!

Re-use your resealable INNATE pouch to put some of these balls in and take in your back pocket while you run/bike/hike, it’s the perfect size!                          Hiking in Norway, sustained by innate

I did this recently for the Tromso Skyrace in Norway; using the balls to give me boosts when my energy stores were getting low during the mountain race – and keeping them in the INNATE pouch made them easy for me to access whilst racing.

Dairy free, gluten free, refined sugar free, paleo & vegan endurance energy balls recipe.

                                                              Tromso Skyrace 2018

I also of course, fuelled myself with INNATE squares, so I knew I was getting healthful sustenance to prepare for the race and to look after my body post race! 

See the recipe below, with a couple of different flavouring suggestions too…



1 Cup dates

1/2 Cup ground almonds

1/4 Cup chia seeds

1/4 Cup other seeds (e.g. hemp/sunflower/pumpkin…)

1/2 Cup tiger nut flour

1 1/2 Tablespoons nut butter

1/4 Cup coconut oil, melted

pinch pink Himalayan salt


Place all ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth.

Roll into balls.

Roll balls in cacao powder, beetroot powder, seeds or whatever you please!

Flavour suggestions:

Beetroot and lemon – replace 1/4 Cup of the tiger nut flour with beetroot powder. Add 3-4 drops lemon essential oil.

The nitrates beets contain are said to improve endurance and performance, perfect for a long race.

Cacao & cinnamon – replace 1/4 Cup of the ground almond with cacao powder. Add 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder. 

Cinnamon is a welcome addition, contributing antioxidant, anti-inflammatory & antimicrobial benefits! 

Dairy free, gluten free, refined sugar free, paleo & vegan adventure energy balls recipe.

Eat and thrive.