Inspiration, Recipes   -   31/01/2019

Re-use your pouches –> Feat. sauerkraut deliciousness!

Hey fam!

Our beautiful stand-up pouches are not made to be single-use… here’s a wee blog with some epic and abstract ideas of ways to re-use your resealable INNATE pouches (or any other resealable pouches you may have bought products in for that matter), have a read and get creative!

One of our favourite ways to re-use them is to store excess fruit & vege and freeze it down for later use



…Like adding to smoothies!


Or ever thought to use them as characterful little plant pots

  1. Pearce a few tiny holes in the bottom of the pouch with a needle
  2. Fill almost to the top with soil and pop your wee house plant inside the soil

      3. Stand the pouch on a little plate or upside-down lid to catch any excess water

      4. Display that beauty!


And because everybody needs some fermented pro-biotic filled sauerkraut goodness in their life…

How about fermenting your own sauerkraut in a pouch!?

  1. Finely slice half a cabbage (white or red) and place in a large bowl
  2. Add ½ tablespoon sea salt and ½ tablespoon whole caraway seeds
  3. With clean hands, firmly massage the salt and seeds with the cabbage for 5-10 minutes until the cabbage begins to break down and there is enough brine produced to cover the cabbage when squashed down
  4. Make sure you have thoroughly cleaned and rinsed the pouch of all crumbs! Load the cabbage and juices into a pouch or three and firmly press the cabbage down so it is covered by the brine liquid (this is very important to prevent the cabbage from going mouldy on top during the fermentation process – if you don’t seem to have enough liquid you can always add a bit of salty water to cover the cabbage some more)
  5. Seal the pouch and leave at room temperature for 1-2 weeks, pressing the cabbage down a couple of times a day with a clean spoon to make sure it is submerged in the liquid.
  6. Once fermented to your taste, seal it up, store it in the fridge and enjoy the delicious, fermented sour goodness!

Can’t think of any other ideas – don’t worry we’ve thought of them for you…

  • Put your slimey soap block in when travelling
  • Store excess rubber-bands/paper clips etc in a pouch on your office desk
  • Keep the other half of your avocado fresh in a pouch in the fridge
  • Make a hanger using a mix of coloured pouches and hang in your wardrobe to stash your hair ties/hair pins/earings etc.
  • Save time by making a big dinner and portion up your leftovers to store in the fridge and take to work for lunch or to snack on.
  • Chuck your excess 1, 2, 5, 10p coins that have been weighing your pockets down into a pouch and keep in the glove box of your car for that parking machine coin emergency.

Share your re-use ideas with us on social media! Using #reuseme and we will pick a winner each month and send you an INNATE surprise!


Thrive on.